Vampire Diaries



MISSTRESS is shock rock / horror glam band from Poland, EU.

2011 – THE RISE  

MISSTRESS was raised at The Valpurgi’s Night of 2011 by Andy Schoeneich and Mateusz „Buczyfer” Buczek. The Founding Fathers were already experienced musicians at that time (Andy – i.a. Hammer, Vamp, Lost Boyz, Daemonicum; Mateusz – i.a. Dead Machines Factory, Burn Alive). The first line-up was quickly enriched by drummer Bartłomiej „Świder” Świderek and bass player Mateusz „Daimon” Pażenczewski. The band recorded their first songs: “Hooray For Satan”, “Queen Of Pain & Pleasure”, “Vampire’s Kiss” and cover of one of their favorites Wednesday 13 “I Love To Say Fuck”. The recordings was supported by Ana von Scott and Marietta „Mary” Balcerzak (backing vocals) and Jarosław „Yaro” Kopała (some bass tracks and drums recordings).

MISSTRESS made their stage debut at the Harley Davidson Bike Week in Karpacz, Poland on July 2nd.

Band completed recorded their debut album „Vampires Dirty Pleasures” – released November 1st, 2011. The “Vampires Dirty Tour” lasted from August ’11 until the beginning of 2012.

2012 – 2015 

MISSTRESS got a new rhythm section. Sebastian „Butthole Night” Ficoń became the new bassist for MISSTRESS, Łukasz Śmigielski played the drums as a guest. Band recorded the concert album „Live At Rink” (released May 1st, 2013). Soon after, behind the drums sat Rafał Wiaderek, MISSTRESS recorded the EP album „Demons & Freaks” (released November 1st, 2012) , containing new songs, as well as demo versions and live recordings.

In August, MISSTRESS appeared in the U.S. GirlsGirlsGirls Magazine, dedicated to the promotion of models, musicians and photographers.

2013 is an extremely dynamic period in MISSTRESS history. The new drummer became Tomek Klimczak, one of the best rock / heavy-metal drummers in Poland, Andy’s friend from elementary school, an extremely experienced musician who, among other things, played together with Andy for years (in Hammer, Lost Boyz, etc.). Mateusz Pażenczewski, the original bassist from the first line-up has returned to the band.

Meanwhile, the US compilation „MegaCon 2013 Carousal Cravings – Con Artist Entertainment” was released (March 2013), featuring MISSTRESS' song „Vampire’s Kiss” from the first album „Vampires Dirty Pleasures”. MISSTRESS was the only European band on this release.

Band returned to touring and they also recorded new EP entitled „XIII” (released April 30th, 2014).

2014 brought changes. Gracjan Kancerek became the new vocalist. The band returned to the stage again and released album „Angel Dark (In The Shadow Of Your Wings)”. On July one of the best independed rock radio stations Radio Revolta released a compilation of the best host bands on their air. This compilation featured MISSTRESS with a song “Hooray For Satan”.

Soon after, the band suspended their activities and its members focused on their individual musical projects.

Band’s first drummer, Bartłomiej Świderek died tragically on October 4, 2015 at the age of 27…


MISSTRESS resurrected in 2020 with the next line-up. The original vocalist, Mateusz “Buczyfer” Buczek, stood behind the microphone. Gerard “Gere” Chodyra became the band’s new bassist, and Tomasz “Kliman” Klimczak stayed on drums. On guitar – the only one present in all incarnations of the band – Andy “Ankh” Schoeneich. The band released a remastered and extended edition of their legendary debut album from 2011: „Vampires Drirty Pleasures (Expanded & Remastered)”, then started working on the new album „Resurrected”. Friends and outstanding musicians took part in the recordings: Jacek Osuch (ex Hammer, Vamp, Lost Boyz), Zbigniew Prylewski (Kissi, Butelka, Nocti), Chris Cyanide (Chris Cyanide, ex Demon Boy), Marietta Mary Balcerzak (Rest In Dust), Maksymina Max Kuzianik (many projects).

The first single announcing the new album „Blood Sucker” premiered on Halloween 2020.

The „Resurrected” album released December 31th, 2020 as DigitalDownload Album. Song „Lilith” is the second single.

And the vampires are back to chew on your virgin throats…


In January, MISSTRESS made a pact with label Balsphemous Records. A physical „Resurrected” CD out WorldWide in May, the 7th.

In February, there was a change in the bass position. Przemek „Szeryf” Kowalczyk became the new bassist.